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About Seabling

Seabling is a practice-based exploration of marine plastic debris as a material for jewellery. As part of this exploration, we make pieces of jewellery from reclaimed marine plastic debris. Each piece of jewellery is made of plastic pieces collected from the shores of Norway as part of beach cleaning initiatives. We do not manipulate the plastic pieces, but select and assemble different parts with silver or gold parts. Every piece of jewellery is thus unique. Our material is shaped by different processes. This involves the original forms of broken plastic objects, the forces of the oceans, sand, tide and the passing of time, among others. The rich variety of natural processes have shaped these plastic pieces into fragments we harvest and use. The material is washed, but is not broken, bent, or polished. Our material is formed by processes beyond our control, and each piece therefore has its own patina, wear, shape and colour.

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